What is an e-resume? How to write it?

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An electronic resume or e-resume (also called as scannable resume) is a document that is submitted with an employment application. It is written to be searched by a computer, it can be saved anywhere on the computer and can be sent over the internet.


Writing an e-resume is a difficult task but it is very essential in today's computerized world while submitting online job applications. Here are some tips that will be helpful in for writing resume:

  • Keywords:It is very important that you should include relevant keywords and all the skill sets that you are familiar with. Including relevant keywords will make your resume easily searchable because recruiters use some specific keywords while searching for candidates over the internet.
  • Soft copy:Hardcopy is no longer in use and it will be difficult for you to reach out the recruiter with a hard copy of resume. Creating an e-resume is essential and it can be easily delivered to the recruiters in the form of email.
  • Make it short:Make your resume short, precise and clear. Limit your resume to 2 or 3 pages and see that you mention all your skills and achievements in brief.
  • Style:Make the resume attractive by using appropriate font size and style. Italic type, rule lines, bullets, centering, indents are other ways to style the resume. It is better to create a HTML or web based resume by highlighting your skills and achievements.
  • Formatting:Use proper font according to the length of the resume and don't make your resume too much crowded or leave too much white space. Maintain same font throughout the resume and also check for paragraph indentation. Make sure that look and feel of the resume format is good. Update your resume regularly and keep sending it to recruiters so that they can contact you whenever there is requirement.

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