What is Adieu mail?

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Goodbye mail to colleagues:

Goodbye mail to colleagues is a soft copy of an emotional letter addressed to the remaining employees by a certain employee on his/her final day at the office. A written form of professional adieu mail helps to maintain a professional relationship with other employees which may hold importance in the future and also presents an image of yourself. Regardless of reasons for leaving the job, one must express their feelings towards colleagues in a kind, professional and also friendly note. A goodbye letter expresses one's gratitude towards the organization, department, colleagues, and teammates.

Goodbye mail to colleagues

Farewell letter to colleagues:

Farewell letter to colleagues is friendly written documented form sent to the other employees which inform them about the concerned person’s quitting job. Farewell letter is written in two forms one is by the employee when he/she is leaving the job and the other is by the employer, colleagues for a certain person’s retirement. While goodbye letter serves only one purpose of expressing towards colleagues but farewell letter serves two purposes, from employer to employee and vice versa.

Goodbye mail format is written by following simple steps. First and foremost, the tone of the letter should be maintained throughout the entire letter such as an informal letter to friends or closely related and formal letters which are brief and straight. The body of the letter should start with a greeting message and then go to the point. Write the subject based on your relationship with the worker such as friendly or professional. Then be thankful to your mentors and managers if it is a formal letter. Pay compliments and say thanks for being a part of the team and family. Closing should not be more emotional but it should focus on your future or new job along with your new contact information so that the former colleagues can keep in touch with you.

It is easy to send the formal letter to the manager, department head and informal or friendly letter to friends, colleagues individually. By sending letters individually, you share your memories with that particular person and also properly express your gratitude. Farewell and goodbye letters are considered as a letter of gratitude towards the concerned.

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