What is Absconding Letter Format?

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Termination Letter for Absconding Employee:

Absconding employee is the one who left his/her work in the field or office without any proper intimation to the higher officials. There is a legal clause present in the employee contract saying that if he/she is absent to the work for a certain amount of time and does not go through the proper termination process then the employer has the right for not issuing the compensation and termination documents like relieving letter. Absconding is the case that unprofessionally separates the employee from an organization without any proper procedure. The absconding employee gets blacklisted by the company/organization.

termination letter for absconding employee

Absconding letter

The absconding letter is a show cause notice written to those who willingly/unwillingly left his/her duties for a certain amount to come and explain their reasons for absconding from work and to face the consequences properly. First, the employer tries to get contact with employee personal mobile number, sends an e-mail to his personal mail id, tries to get in touch with his/her relatives/friends and tries to reach him/her using their permanent residential address. If all these cases are failed then the absconding letter is issued.

Example Of Absconding Letter Format:



Dear ________ ( whomever it may concern),

It is informed through proper channels that you are absconding from your work since _____(data) without giving any proper intimation to official authorities. We tried to contact you through your personal number but could reach you. It is deemed as unethical and professional based on disciplinary grounds.

So, you are required to report to office premises before ______(date) without due and failing which, legal action will be taken against you.


_________ (Executive HR/Officer) + _____ ( Authorized Signatory)

_________(Company Name)

In case, if the absconding employee fails to respond to the absconding letter then a termination letter will be issued for the absconding employee and legal action can be taken against him.

Example of Termination letter for absconding employee:

Dear___ ( whomever concerns),

With reference to our letter (ref no)____ dated ____, you are failed to respond to our calling and turned a deaf year to our instructions in the above-mentioned letter. It is treated as a sheer negligence and irresponsible and indiscipline towards your duties and company.

In view of the above causes, it is proven that you are not willful to work with our company/organization. So it is sad to inform you that you have been ‘Terminated’ from our organization with immediate effect.

Further, you are required to submit any company’s property that is with you and get settled as per terms of the contract agreement signed by you in a week or before ____(date) and send an acknowledgment along with NOC to all departments.

Thanking you

Your’s Sincerely,

_________ ( Authorizing Person Name),

________ ( Designation of Authorizing Person),

_________( Company/ Organization Name),

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