What do you work for, Money or Passion?

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All of us have to settle down in one or the other job in life according to our capabilities, knowledge, and passion, after completion of our education. All humans need money to meet their day-to-day needs. Therefore, if you have to choose between money and passion it is highly conflicting proposition. Nevertheless, how should we resolve such internal conflict of thoughts


- A general saying goes this way if you have passion, involvement, and commitment towards the work you do, then the money will automatically follow you. Of course, what the working people love whether money or passion is left to their own choice. Earning surplus without self-satisfaction or only self-satisfaction without money, both are equally damaging. Therefore, it is better to strike a balance between the two. While, earn money is inevitable, why not we do this in a work, which arouses passion in you (i.e. the work in which you feel interesting). Suppose a work in which you are not interested is fetching you lot of money, but by the end of the day you feel dissatisfied. As days pass by you will get disinterested in the work, it would cause hindrance to your efficiency, and you would end up unproductive.

- Moreover, most of us spend more than 8hrs on average in working, which means approximately one third of our time elapses in doing work. If this work does not passionate you, it would cause a kind of melancholy and emptiness and time passes very hard minute by minute. Passion in what you do bridges the gap between hurdles you face and the money you earn.

- In this materialistic world, people are often judged and respected, by the income they are getting. Only the people who earn mega salary packs are believed to be more knowledgeable and highly confident. Therefore, there also goes an argument that, why not we negotiate and get a huge pay pack and use a part of it for a good cause. Recent consensus say that majority of people in the western nations, which are economically dominant, people mostly work for passion. Where as in economically backward countries, people are more inclined towards earning more and more money.

- However, to our surprise, we come across many people who are not aware of the work which passionate them. Such people should rediscover themselves and find out the work, which creates interest in them. They should list down a list of works in which they are interested in and make a thorough scrutiny of the list and choose a work of their maximum interest and the one which creates more value for you. The more you love what you do the more you will persevere. When you make your unique skills and qualities as base and capitalize on them, then your work would be a cakewalk for you and you will attain success in no time. All the great achievers work for their passion and interest in what they are doing.

- Let us take the example of Chetan Baghat's three Idiots, a story of three students in which one student was extremely interested in engineering and by the end of the story he discovered and created many new things and had a name , fame and numerous patents world wide. One more student was joined by his parents in engineering to please the society around, where as he was interested in wildlife photography. However, at the end of the story he went into the job of photography, which passionate him right from childhood, and his inner talent was brought out through many books he has written. This story gives a message that the works, which passionate you will make a quite lot of difference and you will reach heights in your future career. So, do not try to burn out your inner desires and end up doing something for money, which was never your choice.

- If you see the society around us, we come across many professionals like Teachers, all the NGO's, few Painters, Poets, and writers, Social workers etc they work for very little money. This is because they love what they do. Moreover, this gives them lot of self satisfaction in job, because they are giving back to the society, which serves them. If all the citizens of the country try to give back at least 10 percent to the society, then our country would move ahead in growth path and our future generations would enjoy the quality of life. First and foremost thing you have to do is fix a destiny for you passion and then plan a path in which you want to go, to reach your destiny.

One more important aspect on which you need to be firm, never ever select a job by the influence of you more intimate relations like; friends, teachers, mentors, parents etc. The world is full of opportunities and it is you, who has to look towards the world for best opportunities, which meets our passion and needs. Here in this context passion means, what is it that drives you onward in your day-to-day life. Here your needs include your physical needs like food, clothing, shelter, sleep etc. Mental needs that include your learning and growth to bring out your creativity, innovation, stimulate your thinking, and nurture your skills and capabilities to the maximum extent. Health needs include maintaining you physical fitness and staying healthy by exercising and taking balanced diet. All the other sorts of needs like Spiritual needs, your Belongingness needs, yore Self-esteem needs, your obligations and responsibilities towards your family, parents, friends, society and country etc. People work for many reasons and most of them for money to meet their hierarchy of needs. Very few people work for passion what do you work for, money or passion.

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