What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Interview is a process of evaluating the capabilities of a candidate to decide whether he/she is suitable for the position or not. As a part of the interview many candidates will face this question. Interviewer will ask this question and in both the cases wants to determine a candidates character assets. Many of the candidates give all irrelevant answers and lose a chance of getting a job. Answer for this question should be natural and should sound genuine so that the interviewer gets impressed. Therefore one has to prepare an honest list of strengths and weaknesses that they have and practice them well. One should confidently answer their strengths and weaknesses. If you go for personality development classes you can attends interviews confidently. Candidates can easily explain their strengths, but they lose out when it comes to explaining their weaknesses. While talking about weakness, one should tell in a way that their weaknesses also appear as one of their strengths to the interviewer. Remember that you always portray your weakness as strength but not your strength as weakness.


Know the importance of communication and practice these best answers that one can give to impress the interviewer:

1.Strengths:My biggest strength is that I am very good at communication. I can easily gel with all kinds of people and manage the tasks. I understand that everyone has their own perspective and approach about the project and work tasks, therefore I can work as a good team member and also see that that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I keep this in mind when I communicate tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement. I have a positive attitude and I think that is expected from every employee. Having a positive attitude will help us to work with fresh mind and will also help us to take up challenges and achieve success. I am very flexible i.e. I can adjust in any kind of work environment. I have the ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes. I am a hard worker, punctual and very determined at work. I am confident enough and I think this will help to get self motivation. I am good team worker and I think good team work plays a very important role in bringing out the final output successfully. I always like to take the initiative and be the first in winning things. I am highly energetic, quick learner and I have zeal to learn new things. I am very organized at work and I have good interpersonal and good negotiation skills.

2.Weaknesses:My weakness is that I am a hard worker and I work for long hours without even caring for my health. I feel very restless and disturbed when the work is not complete or it is half completed. I am a bit afraid of speaking before public and I have joined a course to overcome that. This shows that when you identify problems, you take corrective steps to overcome that problem. I had a trouble with procrastinating. To overcome that I prepare a list of things that I need do and also maintain a calendar to keep track of the work. This is helping me to complete my work on time. I may go to any limits when it comes to helping my friends and due to this I faced lot of problems. I am very much focused on my work and because of this I will not get more time to relax.

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