What are the tips for effective job search and winning a dream job?

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Its not easy to get a job nor is it too difficult. Searching a job especially for freshers is a big task. Most of them think of the means to get a job quickly but they don't concentrate on what are the skills that they have to improve to get a job opportunities. It is very important to do a self assessment before starting a job search.


Here aresome tips to follow for an effective job search:

1.Do a self assessment: Before starting a job search, it is very important to do a self assessment like what all the skills you need to have and what kind of skills you possess. Doing a self assessment will help you to know where you stand and what are the areas that you have to improve before actually doing a job search. If you are confused then take the help of a career counselor, they will help you out in this regard.

2.Improve the areas which you lack behind: After doing a self assessment, you will get to know what are the areas to be improved in you.Then try to work on those areas so that you will be confident enough to face an interview.

3.Explore your career options: After doing a self assessment, the next thing you have to do is, explore your knowledge by Reading and researching. Gaining practical experience and then Evaluate each career option associated with your subject and trace out which suits you best and you think is good for you

4.Prepare an effective resume: This is the next step to be taken once you have decided what kind of job you exactly wanted. A resume is like a mirror of your achievements and skills. Preparing an effective resume will make your effort easy. Take a professional help if possible and ask them to review your resume once.

5.Upload it: After creating an effective resume, you have to upload it different job portals and also in all the companies websites. Keep checking your email, once you upload your resume and don't forget to follow up as regular follow yields good results. And also update your resume regularly as employers choose resumes that are updated regularly.

6.Take professional assistance: There are many consultancies or organizations that provide services to make your job search happening. They will help you in finding the right job in the right company and also they help you in creating an effective resume.

7.Be aware of job scams: Be aware about the financial meltdown of fictitious companies. Do enough research about a company before joining. Never give money to those who say that they offer employment in exchange of money.

8.Regularly attend job fairs and workshops: Make a habit of attending job fairs regularly so that you will get to know the market realities and the screening process. This will increase your chances of getting an interview call.

9.Keep trying until you succeed: Don't give up as searching and getting a job is not an easy task and it may get difficult in the tough times. Don't think that you are not lucky enough to get your dream job, be optimistic and keep trying until you succeed.

Following above tips will make your job search easy and effective and you will definitely succeed in getting a dream job. Finally don't lose hope and wait for things to take its own course.

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