What are the things to be taken in to consideration while changing JOB?

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Many of the employees want to shift from their present job to some other job. There could be many reasons for changing a job, but one has to clearly analyze each and every issue and then should come to a decision. Changing jobs frequently is also not good because when you go for an interview the interviewer will think that the person has no stability and they may not offer you employment. When you look for operations management jobs they will not consider the people who change jobs frequently. Therefore one has to be very careful while thinking of changing job. Take career guidance if needed before changing job.


Here are some reasons where an employee can think of changing a job:

  • Broken relations in the company:When the employee is not able to adjust with his/her colleagues and also has broken relation with the manager or the boss. When the group is not getting along in an environment, requires people to work together well. Then employee will not have a chance to grow in the company and will not be interested to work in such kind of environment. Make strategies for team building otherwise employee can think of changing job.
  • Downfall of the company:When the company is facing too many losses and is experiencing downward spiral, losing customers and rumors that the company may be closed, bankruptcy and failure prevail. Company has no ethical values and is not giving any importance to its employees. Here employee will have no option rather than changing job.
  • Underpaid or getting less salary:When the employee is working hard but he/she is not paid correctly and is also not getting any hike in salary even after being committed with the company for many years. If the employee thinks that he/she is underpaid, then its better to speak about this with manager or any other higher authorities. Sometimes this may work. If situation is still the same even after discussing, then the employee can think of changing job.
  • Job responsibilities are different from designation:In some companies employees face these kinds of situations where they will be told a different job responsibility at the time of joining and will be given a different role after joining. In these kinds of situations, employees can change their job.
  • No opportunity to grow within the company:Employees get frustrated when they have to do same job and same work for years. They will look for better position or promotion within the company. But if there are no chances for career growth within the company then employees will think for a better career option with some other company.

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