What are the logistics interview questions and answers PDF?

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Logistics interview questions and answers PDF:

Logistics interview questions and answers PDF is a documented form of a set of questions asked by the interviewer and are answered by the candidate during the process of recruitment for a logistics job. Below are some of the logistics interview questions along with their answers.

Logistics interview questions and answers PDF

1.What are the Roles and responsibilities of a logistician? – Management of supply chain, storage & transportation of material, and transportation of material.

2.How many positions are there in a logistics industry? – Logistic director, logistic associate, logistic supervisor, logistics coordinator, logistics engineer, logistics analyst, and logistics specialist.

3.What are the different activities performed at an operational level in logistics? – bulk storage, goods checking & receipt, stock replenishment, order picking, load scheduling, order marshaling, availability of personnel, completion of documentation, and updating stock.

4.State the difference between transport and logistics? – transportation is defined as moving goods from starting point to ending point whereas logistics is the procedure of managing resources, information, and goods to the customer from source so that the requirements of both parties are met.

5.Define reverse logistics? – Collection of various processes during managing & transportation stage of goods will be done in reverse directions i.e., transporting goods from customer to the company.

6.State the functions of logistics? – A logistic system is designed in a way to accomplish many objectives such as warehousing, order processing, transportation and inventory management at a low or minimum cost.

7.What are ASRS, APN, and ASN? – ASRS: Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, APN: Advanced Planning & Scheduling, ASN: Advanced Shipment & Notification.

Supply chain management interview questions and answers PDF:

Supply chain management interview questions and answers PDF is a documented form of Q&A session in a job interview process. Here are some of the questions with answers.

1.Define supply chain management? – An integrated approach of implementing, controlling information flow, service & materials to make a finished good from the raw materials in order to distribute to the customer.

2.Define Anti Dumping duty? – An import duty levied due to a low pricing of imported goods than normal price in the domestic market of the exporter and it causes loss of material to the domestic industry.

3.Explain LTL (Less than Truck Load)? – A contract is made between transport owner and shipper and as per the contract, the material is priced according to the weight of mileage and freight within in designated lanes.

4.Define Deadweight Tonnage? – Difference between the unladen and laden weight of the ship.

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