What are the central government minimum wages 2016-2017?

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Central government minimum wages 2016-17:

Central government minimum wages 2017-17 have been revised based on the CPI (consumer price index). Minimum wages are the lowest amount paid to an employee by the employer. The central government will set the minimum wage rate so that the employee can cope up with the inflation rate. Minimum wages are revised within a fixed period (at least 5 years ) based on the average of CPI but DA or VDA is revised for every 2 years. According to the 1948 Minimum Wage Act, concerning Indian Labour Law, the government has to pay a fixed minimum wage to the employees (skilled and unskilled).

Minimum wages in Andhra Pradesh 2016-17

Ministry of labour and employment minimum wages 2016:

Ministry of labour and employment minimum wages 2016 are announced by the Chief labour commissioner stating that a revision of VDA is done and a circular is issued regarding the revision rates and the revised VDA along with basic is payable w.e.f. 01-04-2016. Minimum wages are calculated on daily basis and are paid to different types of workers such as skilled, semi-skilled, highly skilled and unskilled. Central sphere minimum wages are revised for the period 1st Oct 2016 to 31st Mar 2017 for different categories such as Agriculture workers, Industrial workers, Construction workers, mining workers, and sweeping, cleaning workers.

Minimum wages in Andhra Pradesh 2016-17:

Minimum wages in Andhra Pradesh 2016-17 is divided into two time periods by the government – from 1st Apr 2016 to 30th Sep 2016 and 1st Oct 2016 to 31st Mar 2017. The government of AP pays a basic minimum wage to different types of employees working in different fields along with a change in VDA.

Ministry of Labour and Employment notification on minimum wages has been issued by the Chief Labour Commissioner stating VDA revisions according to the inflation rate and CPI index for different categories of employees such as unskilled ( one who does simple duties), semi-skilled ( one who does general defined work routine), skilled ( one who works efficiently), and highly-skilled ( one who works efficiently and also supervises efficiently).

Labour wages in India 2016 are varied in different areas, for example, Agriculture sector of area A 237, 259, 281,312 for unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled and for area B are 216 for unskilled, 239 for semi-skilled, 259 for skilled, 289 for highly-skilled.

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