What are soft skills?

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What are soft skills?

Soft skills are known as people skills which may include personal attributes and interpersonal skills of a candidate that provides his/her relationship with others. Recruiters may consider that a person with soft skills has high levels of emotional intelligence that helps them to interact with others.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills vs. hard skills

As discussed abovesoftskills refer to your personality and people skills. These are result of your emotional intelligence that you have gained over years of our experiences. On other hand hard skills are known as knowledge or technical skills that help them to perform your job well. Here soft skills can be quantified whether you are good at communicating or not. You can develop good communication skills over the period of time and work ethics will help you to demonstrate to your employer.

Examples of soft skills and hard skills

Here are some soft skills

● Communication skills

● Leadership skills

● Team spirit

● Time management

Here are some hard skills

● Computer handling skills

● A degree or certification

● Coding/Programming

● Foreign language proficiency

Why soft skills are important at the work place?

Hard skills cannot be projected without soft skills. Most recruiters prefer candidates with both soft skills and hard skills for leadership positions. Many people with hard skills may not have soft skills. Soft skills are hard to acquire, when a person who possess good hard skills may not have impressive soft skills.

Soft skills build in developing cordial environment in the work place. To perform work successfully one must have such qualitiesas listening skills, communication skills, team spirit, etc. Soft skills help for a proper functioning of workplace. With growing automation and artificial intelligence companies are relying over softskills for better results. Companies consider that soft skills are crucial for retaining and attracting customers. Hiring managesprefer to hire candidates across sectors and functional areas with soft skills such as leadership, management, work ethics, negotiation, critical thinking etc.

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