What are situational interview questions and how to deal with them

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What are situational interview questions and how to deal with them?

Hiring managers always formulate new strategies to understand more about the candidate. There are different types of interview questions that helps hiring managers to understand more about the candidate. Be it Interview questions related to your personal information, educationalqualifications, professionalsummary, behavioural interview questions, information about the company all these information helps to know the different facets of the candidates in different situations. Here we are talking about situational interview questions.so,

What are situational interview questions and how to deal with them

What are seasonal interview questions?

Situational interview questions discuss about hypothetical scenarios such as conflicts or problems of the candidates and how they deal with it in different situationis helps to understand about the forward thinking of a candidate.

Why do managers ask situationalinterview questions?

These questions are askedto know how do a candidate react to the problematic work-related situations. How good she or he in decision making and understanding about the processes. These questions reveal about various skills such as managerial skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making, interpersonal skills, etc.

Tips to deal with situational interview questions

Prepare well

Search for the most frequently asked situational interview questions and face them. Search for the questions asked for your job role and be confident while answering these questions.

Think well before answering

Usually situational interview questions are not script ready. These are an exercise to brush up your problem-solving, decision-making and analytical skills.

Know what recruiters want to hear

Build an impactful story to answer situational interview questions, you must understand what an interviewer is asking tin a given situation.

Answers based on your past experiences

If your linkup your answers with your past experiences then it would perfectly well to quote past experiences.

Here are some common situational interview questions asked in previous interviews

1. What would you do when the important project you are working on suddenly undergoes a change in priorities?

2. What would you do when you know you would not be able to meet the deadline for your section of work in an important because your supervisors or co-workers were unavailable to or could not answer some key questions?

3. You and your team are working on a critical project that ranks high on the business priority and you realize that one of your team member’s work is not up to the mark/dissatisfactory. How will handle such a situation?

4. You and your boss are working closely on a critical project together. While working/discussing you realize that your boss is 100% wrong about something. How will you handle the situation?

5. You are working on a project and halfway through you realize that you have a mistake which nobody else noticed so far. How would you approach the situation? Would you ignore the mistake and continue moving forward or fix the error even if slows down the progress of the project?

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