What are Minimum Wages in UP?

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Minimum wages in UP have been revised by the Labour Department of UP over a period of six months. Minimum wages vary for different type of industries such as General category and Engineering industries. Minimum wage is defined as the least amount paid to the employee or worker by the employer as per government rules and regulations. The government of India introduced minimum wage policy under the Act of Minimum wages 1948 that is associated with the Indian Labour Law which states that the employer should pay a minimum wage to the employee.

Current minimum wages uttar pradesh

Minimum wages in Uttar Pradesh :

Minimum wages in Uttar Pradesh are paid on the basis of different factors employee position, skill and these wages include basic pay along with VDA ( Variable Dearness Allowance). VDA is added to the minimum wage as a countermeasure for rising inflation. Minimum wages are paid to the employees in different sectors. Employees are categorized as skilled, semi-skilled and nonskilled. This minimum wage policy assures the protection against undue pays.

UP minimum wages are introduced to balance the pay slip of many workers from rural and remote areas. UP government has issued a circular stating that there will be no change in minimum wages for the period of 1st oct 2017 to 31st March 2018 and remains same as the minimum wage of previous period 1st Apr 2017 to 30th sep 2017.

Current minimum wages uttar pradesh for the period of 1st Apr 2018 to 30th sep 2018 under general category are given below:

● Unskilled: 5750 of basic pay + 1863 of VDA which totals to 7613rs.

●Semi-skilled: 6325 of basic + 2050 of VDA equals to 8375 rs.

● Skilled: 7085 of basic + 2096 VDA sums to 9381 rs.

Under Engineering Industries for the period of 1st Feb 2018 to 31st Aug 2018 are

● Unskilled: 7440 basic pay + 1463 VDA which totals to 8903 rs.

● Semi-skilled: 8170 basic + 1607 VDA equals to 9777 rs.

●Skilled: 9070 basic + 1784 VDA sums to 10854 rs.

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