What are JAM topics with answers?

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JAM topics:

JAM topics or Just A Minute sessions are given to the candidate during the interview process. Many Multi National Companies use these topics during the interview and the candidate has to speak about the given topic in just a minute. Interviewers judge the candidate by observing the following parameters in them such as language, body language, understanding and gestures during the recruitment process. The interviewer can give any kind of topic and the candidate should be prepared to speak about the given topic in one minute only.

JAM topics

JAM topics with answers:

JAM topics with answers can be changed or repeated based on the mindset of interwar and interviewee. Some of the JAM topics for an interview with answers are given below.

1.Illiteracy in India – current illiteracy rate in India is around 74% and it is maximum amount scheduled tribes, backward classes, scheduled caste who are not only poor but also unconcerned, unaware, unwilling to improve. Illiteracy deprives people of essential benefits like education, writing, reading, and also economic development.

2.GPS (Global Positioning System) – in past, people used to get lost and had trouble finding their way home. Technology has made its way to creating GPS as a solution for this kind of problems. Our Military has been using GPS technology for about 10 years, and recently the GPS is put to practical uses in society. GPS is associated with 24 satellites orbiting in the space and helps to determine the location of a particular person in any part of the world. Computer-based applications and farming sector are the practical uses of GPS other than location finding.

3.Corruption in India – corruption is a major problem that severely affects Indian economic growth. Studies conducted by Transparency International in 2005 stated that about 62% of Indians are experienced in paying bribes. Major sources of corruption are schemes and programs introduced by the Indian government for the welfare of society, for example, National Rural Health Mission. A major source of daily corruption in India includes Trucking Industry. Main causes of corruption include complicated taxes, licensing systems, excessive regulations and lack of transparent laws. Government is taking significant methods to reduce the rate of corruption.

Above stated are some of the recent JAM topics with answers that are asked during the interview process of an MNC. Commons JAM topics are given below.

1.Words of wisdom – It is advised to share best words about wisdom gained by experience of one’s life. Also, explain the change it brought in to your life.

2.Second chance – Explain the most important thing you want to change when getting a second chance in life.

3.Back to childhood or 10 years old again – explain about what will you do when you get a chance to go back to your childhood days.

Do’s and Don’ts in a JAM session are

1.Always put a smile.

2.Don’t be nervous and answers in a simple, easy to understand language.

3.Present topics with brief details.

4.Maintain a clear and audible voice.

5.Positive outlook with a positive ending note.

6.Never give long pauses and careful about grammatical mistakes.

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What is the most frequent topics in Deloitte company?

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1.What about Hyderabad ? 2. What about social media ? 3.what about your college days ?

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Topics are not sufficient need more topics

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Jam topics for teleperformance campany

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