What are IT Recruiter Interview Questions?

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IT recruiter interview questions

IT recruiter interview questions should be in such a way that they could catch the right talent as any mistake made would lead great loss to both the company as well as the individual himself or herself. The job of an IT recruiter is to identify the apt candidates, screen them and finally hire the best. In this process as an IT recruiter you should be able to shoot proper interview questions to understand well about the candidate in complete.

IT recruiter interview questions

Interview questions for it recruiter

Interview questions for it recruiter either for freshers or experienced recruitment can be as listed below. Whereas the HR recruiter interview questions and answers for freshers won’t include anything related past experience as they are new to the job. Almost all the questions they face include knowledge in recruiting candidates and other general questions.

Let us now move on to the list of interview questions for recruiter position either for entry level or experienced that you can jot down for your need.

● What is recruitment?

● What is the complete hiring process?

● What are the crucial points to be maintained to attract right candidates for the position?

● What turns to be the most important stages of the recruitment process?

● What differentiates your job advertisements from others that turn to be attractive to the candidates?

● How important would you say is communication in a candidates’ experience?

● What would you make sure to avoid in your advertisement?

● What social media practices do you implement during the recruitment process and how much attention do you pay to them?

● Have you ever come across a situation of disagreement with your work if so tell me how you handled it?

● When you get a requirement what would be the first step that you would do?

● What role does LinkedIn has in your style of recruitment?

● What’s the ratio of your resumes sent vs shortlisted?

● What is the rate of your positions closure per month in a high requirement scenario?

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