What are industrial relations in India?

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Industrial relations in India

Industrial relations in India means the relationship between the employee and organization and industrial relations are formed for the peaceful and harmonious relationship between employee and employer regarding dispute management and administration. The main objective of the relationship to resolve administrative issues and to avoid disputes without hampering the productivity of the organization this relation is also known as the employee and employer relation. Industrial relations between labor and the management operates on a large scale in the organizations addressing the environmental issues and workplace issues and ethical issues and Scio local issues and it includes the national labor policy as the guidelines. It provides employees with rules and regulations and laws which are decided by the employee and the employer on the agreement of resolving conflicts an eliciting cooperation between the employee and the management.

Industrial relations in India

Industrial relations PPT

Industrial relations in India includes government and establishments and trade unions formed by the employees they can be called as union federations or employee association and also labor courts and labor policies are included and Industrial relations character is to study the work of employee unions by appointing industrial relations officer and industrial relations between the employee and the organization is built on some of the characteristics mentioned below

Methods used in industrial relations are to provide conflict resolution some of them are

● procedure for discipline

● settlement of disputes

● technical machinery working

● grievance redressal

● providing policies and regulations and rules

● collective bargaining

● moral persuasion

History of industrial relations in India

History of Industrial Relations in India have seen so many phases most prominent are

a) Early British Rule

b) Pre-Independence Period

c) Post-independence period.

background of industrial relations in India in the Post independence the industrial relations were very much influenced by the pre-independence industrial environments and labour management relations In which the post-independence period India has implemented a five year planning system however in first five year plan no certain visible change occurred but Government has emerged as an arbitrator between management and workers setting certain norms and mechanisms and practices in the second five year plan.

Emerging trends in industrial relations ppt

Emerging trends in industrial relations are In order to integrate the Indian economy with a global economic system for the economic development of the country the government of India introduced the New Economic Policy (NEP) in India. As a result of this new economic policy, the industrial relations policy of the government has undergone consequential changes. Since the increase in the number of contract employees is becoming a global trend under the new economic system. The Government is under pressure to formulate new industrial relations law.

Following are some of the main objectives

● safeguard the interest of employee and management

● avoid industrial conflict or strike

● raise the productivity of the establishment

● improved living and working conditions

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