What are ESIC benefits in case of death?

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Benefits of PF:

Benefits of PF plays a crucial role in employee’s life after retirement.EPF is categorized in two ways one is Provident fund and the other is EPF (EmployeePension Scheme). The employee and employee contribute a certain amount to the employee’s PF so that the employee can lead a peaceful life after retirement. EPF can be withdrawn before maturity or retirementincase of an emergency such as accidents and for house construction etc. All employees working for an organization are eligible for PF from the joining date. After becoming an EPF member, the employee is eligible for PF, EPS, and Insurance. An insurance benefit uptosix lakhs is given to the nominee of the deceased member through EDLIS (Employee’sDeposit Linked Insurance Scheme).

Benefits of PF:

ESIC benefits in case of death:

ESIC benefits in case of death isdefined as an insurance policy covered by the family of the deceased employee. ESIC or Employee’s State Insurance Corporation is governed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and is established in 1948 ESI Act. Employees who work in non- seasonal factories that have more than 10 workers such as shops, restaurants etc are eligible for the ESI scheme. ESI scheme includes benefits such as medical benefits, disability benefits, maternity benefits, sickness benefit, dependent’s benefit and unemployment allowance. An organization or a company should register for ESI when the company hires more than 10 employees. Dependants benefit is the benefit received by ESIC in case of death and this benefit states that a portion of deceased employee’s wage is given to the dependants of his/her family when their death is caused during the work period.

To get ESI returns, one must produce documents- Form 6, attendance register, inspection book, register of wages, register of accidents on work premises, and monthly challans to ESI.

ESIC benefit forms are listed below:

1. Form 6- Register for ESI

2. Form 9 – claim sickness/ maternity/ temporary disablement benefit

3. Form 11- Furnishing accident details

4. Form 12- request to give accident details form the employer

5. Form 24- declaration of dependants benefit

6. Form 20 – claim PF incase of employees death

7. Form 10 D – claim pension.

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