What are different ways to enhance your English communication skills?

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English is an international language and is a common medium for communication for many people across different nations. English plays a major role in almost all the sectors like public and private sectors. English helps in finding a high quality job and also in communicating with international world. Speaking good English is very important because almost all the companies prefer candidates who have good communication skills in English. And having good communication skills is much more important when it comes to interview process, because employers at the time of interview see how well a candidate is communicating and also the way they express. Many deserving candidates lose their job opportunity because of poor communications. If a candidate has good command in the subject and if he/she is not able to express, then it ruins all their efforts of getting a job. Therefore it is very important that one should have effective communication skills.


How to improve communication skills: For speaking good English, one should have zeal to learn English and has to put enough efforts. It takes at least 3 months of continuous efforts for a non-speaker to speaking English fluently.

Here are some tips to improve your communication skills in English:

1.Read books, news papers and magazines daily that are published in English.

2.Keep a pocket dictionary always with you, so that you can check for meaning of the words which you don't understand

3.People who start learning English may find difficulty in pronouncing some words.

4.So, make a list of the words that you find difficulty in pronouncing and try to use phonetic symbols in the dictionary to pronounce different words correctly or ask a person to pronounce those words for you, who can speak the language well.

5.Many of them have MIT (mother tongue influence) while they converse in English. They can overcome this by watching English channels like CNN, BBC, NDTV, 24*7 etc.

6.Try to observe mouth movements of the speakers and try to imitate. This will help you to improve your speech.

7.Start speaking English in your daily life because only practice can help in learning and communicating effectively.

8.Improve listening skills for self development.

9.Practice speaking loud before a mirror so that you can know your flaws or record your speech, play it back and listen. This is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making.

10.Slow your speech until your learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English, because if you speak fast without proper intonation, native speakers will have a difficulty in understanding you.

11.Try to pronounce the ending of each word like the words that end with S and ED. This will strengthen your mouth muscles and thus you can speak English fluently.

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