What are different ways in attracting and retaining talented manpower?

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Every year thousands of employees are being hired by companies and most of the employees leave the firm in few months, because they may not feel comfortable or they may not be able to adjust with kind of environment that is provided at the workplace. It may be easy for a company to hire talented manpower for their company but many companies are facing problem in retaining them when the labor market is tight. This is particularly tough for the entry level positions. Money is the only constraint for employees to join, stay or to leave a firm. There may be many other reasons especially the organization culture like the way they treat an employee. Organizations need dedicated and efficient talented manpower services to run their organization successfully and also to grow and gain good reputation in the market. And it is the responsibility of the organization to recognize the right talent as part of resource management and encourage them so that they may control theemployees attrition.


Here are some strategies to be implemented by the companies to retain their employees:

  • Companies have to develop strategic plans, team building activities and quality project management strategies so as to attract and retain their employees
  • First and foremost they have to understand the needs and requirements of their employees and make necessary changes so that the employees get satisfied with their work
  • Implement effective work practices so which makes employees feel that the work is interesting and challenging for them. This will make them feel passionate about their work
  • Communicate goals, roles, and responsibilities so employees know what is expected and they feel like they are also a part of the organization
  • Provide a good work environment that makes their work and life balancing
  • Provide a friendly environment so that the employees feel free to express their views and ideas
  • Provide all necessary facilities in the office and see that they are available for each and every employee
  • Each and every individual wants to get recognition for whatever they do
  • So, each and every organization should recognize and appreciate the work of their employees. This gives self satisfaction and the employee will not think of leaving the company
  • Provide moral support whenever they need and encourage them to implement better work practices and to get a good output
  • Provide flexibility which costs nothing but is much desired by employees in today's workforce.
  • Flexibility is allowing employees to work from home when they need and also setting flexible work timings so that it will not disturb and affect their personal life
  • Provide incentives, quarterly or yearly appraisals and bonus to encourage them to work effectively.
  • Provide compensations like medical benefits, dental benefits and vacation plans etc
  • Provide career development opportunities so that employees will have chance to grow within the organization.

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