What are different types of Interview formats?

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There are many types of interviews and all the interviews are done with same goal i.e. finding a right candidate. Each type of interview requires specific preparation and everyone should know different interview formats and should take some time to prepare for the interview. Each and every company follows a differentinterview formatto reach this objective of hiring an eligible candidate. It is important that one should recognize different formats used by potential employers and try to manage their presentation according to time.

Interview formats

Here are some of the interview formats:

  • Behavioral interview:This is an interview done to predict and evaluate the behavior of an interviewee. In this the interviewer will ask some open-ended questions by giving the candidate some situations and ask them how they will react in those situations. For example: managing different tasks within a short span of time, dealing with uncooperative colleagues and better ways to perform a difficult task. Based on the answers given, interviewer will evaluate the behavior of a candidate. For this a candidate should do lot of preparation and should possess good skills to perform well in the interview. In this interviewer mainly tries to evaluate whether an interviewer's behavior would reflect or effect the organization. Some of the examples of this behavioral interview may include: customer service, stress interview, planning, initiative, organization, problem solving, leadership, creativity, flexibility, motivation, teamwork and technical knowledge.

For these types of questions, candidates should follow a STAR (S- Describe the situation in which you were involved, T- Describe the task to be performed, A - What was your approach to the problem, R - What were the results of your actions?) technique to deliver their response to the question. This is the best way for the interviewers to compare the actual behavior of the candidate in real time situation and is also a very good opportunity for the interviewee to demonstrate their communication skills by explaining the situation and actions taken.

  • Traditional Interview:This is a common type of interview and is generally a one-to-one conversation. In this the interviewer will have a series of questions to ask followed by some clarifying questions. Questions may be related to technical or non technical. Candidate should be prepared with correct responses that are focused on their identified needs and they should also see that they cover all the points in a limited time. Best way to prepare for this type of interview is to research about the company and practice prior going to the interview.
  • Sequential interview:This is different from thetraditional interviewand is a pre-planned interview with a series of steps involving many interviewers. This is mainly done to check whether a candidate can fit within the internal supply chain of their organization.
  • Peer/panel interview:This is one of the most common types of interview where candidate's interpersonal skills will be evaluated because organizations encourage teamwork and group decision making. Only one question is focused at a time by giving chance to each member of the group engaging all of the panelists in the discussion. Sometimes more than one question may also be asked at a time, therefore the interviewee must listen to the questions very carefully and should be very keen while answering the questions from everyone at the table.
  • Technical interview:Almost all the companies use this technical interview to evaluate the technical capabilities of a candidate while selecting new candidates. In this questions will be mainly related to the technology or domain in which the candidate is going to work for the company.

Other than these there are many other formats, but these are some main and common formats that most of the companies follow while evaluating a candidate.

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