What are competency based interview questions

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What are competency based interview questions?

A job interview is testing your knowledge and using the ability at the right time. An interview judges you on different aspects like your knowledge; your behaviour and your competencies. Competency based interviews are common way to predict a candidates future performance.

What are competency based interview questions?

What is a competency?

Competency is a skill that enables a person to do a task. A set of defined guidelines to provide a guide enabling identification, development and evaluation of an employee or a candidate fir for the job. A competency based job interview is designed to understand the different set of behaviors required for a particular job.

What are competencies based interview questions?

● Individual Competencies

● Managerial Competencies

● Analytical Competencies

● Interpersonal Competencies

● Motivational Competencies

What are individual competencies?

● What is the most awful professional difficulty you’ve ever had to face? Did it help you grow?

● Can you describe a time at work when you brought bad news to your manager?

What are managerial competencies?

— Tell me about a time you led a group to achieve an objective.

— As a manager, do you direct the project or direct the people?

— Describe a success/failure you’ve had as a manager

What are analytical competencies?

Tell me about a time when you identified a new approach to a problem

What are Intrapersonal competencies?

Describe a situation where you got people to work together

What are motivational competencies?

When did you work hardest and feel greatest achievement?

What are the things that drive you or self-motivate you? Quality, focus, result orientation or initiative.

How to deal with Competency Based Interview Questions

Frame a structured to answer to deal with competency based interview question. When you are framing a question understand the sitautaion, analyze the scenario, think about the action required and the action you took and result that followed.

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