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Freelancing is a flexible work option where people have a choice to work and operate from their own place. Many professionals choose to overcome job stress and to strike a balance between their professional and personal life. But freelancing is not easy and it is not right option for everyone because it takes at least a year to fully get in to this field of freelancing. Short term freelancing is ok but people who want to choose long term freelancing should be wise so as to proceed more carefully.


Here are some things that should be taken in to consideration before choosing to start freelancing:

Decide the time:Before thinking to start freelancing, it is very important to decide the right time, because if you directly jump in to freelancing without having a right experience and exposure, it may highly impact your career graph. Therefore before starting to freelance, it is important that you work in an organization and gain the right exposure.

Maintain networks: Apart from having experience, one of the other most important aspects is to have strong network. If you have strong networks then only you can get projects and this will also increase your business.

Know the required skill sets: Once you decide, think of the job role with specific departments to handle different tasks of the business, because as a freelancer you may have to handle multiple tasks such as marketing, managing deliverables, communication, accounting, managing legalities and lot more depending on the projects you take up to do as a freelancer.

Choose the right client:It is very important that you choose a right and genuine client to take up freelance projects. Enquire about the client before taking up the project and also confirm what they are going to pay you for the project. Lot of care should be taken because in freelancing, internet is the only means of communication most of the times.

Cope up with the pressure:Some of them choose to work as a freelancer after office time. In this kind of situations they may have to work for long hours and may not get enough time to balance their work life. Therefore freelancing should only be taken up when you have time and when you are willing to take up the additional responsibility.

Finishing the work on time:Since in freelancing you are your own boss and there is nobody else to monitor you, it is easy to push work away. To avoid this one has to be a self-starter, ambitious and focused about their career as a freelancer to keep going on. Stress management is important to reach the deadlines and finish tasks. Apart from all these, it is also important to note that most of the companies do not encourage freelancers and they don't take the freelancing experience in to account while hiring a candidate. Incase if you want to undertake full-time employment in future, it will be difficult for you to convince the employer as you will not have any proof of your work. Therefore ensure that you possess formal contract letters drawn with the clients and a record of projects worked on for future references.

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