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Video Title: How to answer "Why should we hire you"?

Today we are going to discuss about how to answer the interview question” Why should we hire you”?


Your interview is going well then the HR asks the question “Why Should I Hire You”, turns out to be tricky no matter how simple it looks.

You may feel anxious and nervous. But don’t worry, be cool and answer this question confidently.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or experienced professional but there is no single and straightforward answer for this question.

Here the interviewer wants to know that how you will be the perfect candidate for the position they are looking for.

Video Title: How to answer "Why should we hire you"?

Then what would be expected by the employer?

The hiring manager expects to know three things here:

1. Do you have the required skills for the job?

2. Do you have the right attitude matching company culture?

3. Why you are unique among the applied candidates?

So, give them a valid reason that why you are suitable for the job.

Here, we advise that avoid talking too much in your response, don’t be too humble and too arrogant. just mention the skills and qualifications you want to convey and move on.

Let’s discuss about how to answer this question?

Well, there is a formula to answer it easily.

Everybody says that “I’m smart, qualified and I want this job.” But it doesn’t impress the recruiter.

If you say answers like

● I need the money.

● I need a job. or

● This location is very close to where I live. and

● Iam very much interested in

Then these are not the validreasons, employer expects from you. Frankly, they really don't care about the benefits you get, ifthey hire you.

So, what would be the exact reasons employer expect from you.Let me explain now.

Before that answer me to this question. How many of us read the job description before an interview?

Most of us don’t know that reading the job description and knowing what they are looking for will give you perfect answer for this question?

So, read the job description carefully and handle the question why should we hire you in an effective way by

● highlighting your unique skills that makes you different from other candidates

● Ensure that you are cultural fit for the company

● and what makes you different among the applied candidates.

Before concluding this session, you can answer this question effectively in 3 ways that:

1. Explain how you will deliver required and exceptional results

2. Tell them that how you will bring value to the company

3. Explain them that you will be a great team player and added advantage to the team


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