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A recent study on resume preparation reveals some interesting facts that most of the people are least bothered about updating their profile frequently. It is bit surprising, but an updated resume helps you to gel with the market trends and recruiters views. A resume is your marketing platform and it helps you to present your skills to the recruiter.


Below tips may useful in updating your profile and presenting yourself to the employers:

Update frequently: Have the habit of updating your resume frequently, at least once in a three months. Then, it will help you to grab the attention of recruiters. Usually recruiter search for resumes, which will frequently, updates. Frequently updating also increases your resume visibility and helps you to get regular job alerts from the job market.

Go thoroughly: Make sure that your resume doesn't need any major additions. Add any training program or work-shop to add value to your resume. The training programs may include technical skills, managerial skills and soft skills etc. Add the awards and accomplishments if your receive any. Check your resume objective design your resume, if it is sinking with the present job market objective or not? So, change accordingly to get more attention.

Check if your resume contains any unwanted information: If you have more experience and your resume includes the statement that you are well versed with MS-Office and Excel sheet, it looks add and creates another impression. Make ensure that the mentioned skills should support your resume and not creating any damage to your resume.

Make over your resume: Search for innovative formats to design your resume. A simple change in the resume may help you to get a brand new look to your resume, to sell yourself in the job market.

Proofread well: A well proofread resume can create great impression than a resume with spell mistakes. Read it carefully and catch any errors if you left any more. To avoid these mistakes do language editing each time when you update.


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