Top15 Illegal questions that employers shouldn’t ask you

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Top15 Illegal questions that employers shouldn’t ask you

Job interviews makes confused and uncomfortable for most prepared candidates.Sometimes hiringmanagers may ask some questions may make you feel that you are not treated fairly. So, you don’t have to answers for those questions. It was observed that experienced hiring managers also sometimes ask illegal questions. Here we are providing some questions which may sound illegal in many interviews.

Top15 Illegal questions that employers shouldn’t ask you

1. Do you have any physical or mental disabilities?

2. What prescription drugs are you currently taking?

3. Have you ever been treated for mental health problems?

4. When are you planning to have children?

5. What kind of childcare arrangements do you have in place?

6. What are your plans if you get pregnant?

7. Will you need time off for religious holidays?

8. What is your religious affiliation?

9. What church do you belong to?

10. What country are you from?

11. What is your nationality?

12. You have a strong accent. Where are you from?

13. How often are you deployed for Army Reserve training?

14. Will you be deployed any time soon?

15. “What type of discharge did you receive from the military?

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The hiring manager may have the concern to assess the ability of the candidate to perform the job in an effective way. Theinterviewer needs to ask the questions about the job responsibilities such as This job requires five days of travel per month. Do you have any restrictions that would prevent you from doing that?”. Employers are restricted to take hiring decisions base don on a person’s religious beliefs, observances, or practices.Employer is also prevented to take hiring decision based on the nationality of the applicant and candidate’s past, current, or future military membership or service.

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