Top Ways to Deal with Your Job Loss

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Predicting about your job loss is almost impossible and how can one defend him/her self against such satiations? Keep reading down Experts in Finance handling clarify that in most situations, loosing job not only depends on the structural change of the company but also on employee incompetence and carelessness. There are particularly some certain tell-tale changes indicating about forthcoming job loss. Employees should read and put into practice these signs. Not receiving a hike or a promotion is an indication that the employer or management might be unhappy with the employee and termination chances could be high.


One more approach is to look through the employee, making him/her feel absent. A tell-tale sign is being excluded from all major meetings and projects. Situations like a junior being promoted to higher levels and later being asked to train the junior for his own roles indicate red flag. Finally, a lot of agitations at the top level are also a sign that your job might not be safe or secure.

Action Plan: HR experts are of the opinion that a person should try to manage and handle the situations in spite of losing his anger when endangered with a possible job loss. One more common mistake is to quit the job in anger. Never put down your papers until the management has asked for them.

Dealing with a pink slip: If a pink slip is about to appear for sure, then its better option to search for a new job before you quit the present one. Also plan out for the finances in order. Its suggestible to plan out your financial expenses until you get into the next job to regularize your monthly and annual expenses.

Getting a New job: Approaching the previous companies competitors for a job is a good step for the employees who get a pink slip. Circulating the resume in the network would be good planning. Another step while searching for a new job is to focus on a company which is smaller than the previous one. In the same time, never short-sell yourself and settle for a lesser salary package or position in a bigger company which can have an impact on your efficiency.

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