Top Questions asked in a BPO job interview

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Attending for an interview at BPO sector contain appearing for many rounds before getting final offer. BPO jobs are suitable for the candidates who have good communication skill with minimum graduation and also apt for the candidates who wish to shift their career. Prepare a resume and follow job interview questions are framed to overcome the pressurized process of BPO job interview.

BPO job interview

Get ready and well prepared for the job interview with below mentionedBPO interview questions:

1.Tell me something about BPO and how it works?

2.What are the major sectors for outsourcing?

3.Are you comfortable working in night shifts?

4.What is the difference between the shore and off-shore outsourcing?

5.What is inbound and outbound call centers?

6.Which one do you think web or voice- suits your qualifications better?

7.How can you relate call centers to BPO?

8.What is the difference between KPO and BPO?

9.What are the different types of BPO's?

10.Why companies Outsource?

11.Why do you see BPO as your career?

12.Why do you think you will do well in this job?

13.Where you see BPO in the current market?

14.Can you use different software's easily?

15.Why do you want to work for our company?

16.Determine the type of BPO you wish to work?

17.How good are you with computer skills?

18.Do you think that the career opportunity for non-voice BPO is better than voice BPO?

19.Will you be comfortable handling customers on the phone?

20.Do you know the common risk associated with BPO's and how will you cope with them?

21.Did you learn anything new recently which can be helpful to BPO's?

22.What is ISO: 9000 in outsourcing?

23.What are the job activities you have to maintain in BPO?

24.Where do you see yourself after five years?

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