Top myths and facts about resume writing

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Resume plays a very important role in job search process and it is an effective tool to impress the employer. It is very important to know what all should be included in the resume and what should not be included.


Most of them do not have a clear idea about resume writing and there are also some myths about resume writing.

Here are some facts busting those myths to help you in creating a successful resume with strong resume format:

Myth: My resume can have n number of pages:This is a common myth that most of the candidates have about a resume. Most of them think that creating a resume with more pages will easily attract the employer and they will easily get a job. Resume should be limited to one or two pages, students or freshers with no experience can limit their resume to one page and people who have lot of experience in their field have no choice but to create a lengthier resume. At this point of time use small font and try to fit the whole information in one page or two pages. If you are too concerned about the length of your resume, consider creating one or two pages resume with additional pages serving as an appendix.

Myth: I can lie on my resume:Most of the candidates lie on their resume by adding extra qualifications and experience to attract employers. Lying on a resume is the worst mistake a candidate can make. Remember that sophisticated background checks have become very common and employers can discover the deception within days or months. If they find you deceitful, they may take legal action on you and take you out from the job. Apart from this, remember that professional world is fully influenced by social media. HR managers can discuss their experiences across the world with a single click. So, having a good reputation in the company is very important.

Myth: Resume should have an objective: including an objective which is of no use is a waste. Remember that even an inch space of your resume is important and each and every word appearing on your resume should positions you as a perfect candidate for the job. Instead of using common objectives, use some brand statements or headers. For example:Seeking a mutually beneficial position that will make use of my 5+ years experience in programming But remember to refrain from presenting generic arguments, whether you use an objective or branding statement.

Myth: I can use same resume to apply for multiple jobs: Most of the candidates create a standardized resume and send multiple job applications. This is not the right thing as different positions need different qualification and experience. If you are interested in applying for multiple positions or choosing alternate careers, create customized resume for each job you want to apply and then send it.

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