Top mistakes made while searching for a job

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Graduates start searching for jobs after finishing their education. Most of them while searching for jobs only think of when they will get a job but they do not think of how they can get a job. Doing intense job search and also preparing for the interviews is the best way to make your dream come true. Just preparing a resume and applying for jobs is not enough, one has to follow a specific process when they decide to search a job. In the heavy run of career plans, many of them fail in getting a job and only few win a job.


Here are some of the top mistakes made by candidates while searching for a job:

Resume not effective: Not creating an effective resume is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the job seekers do. Job search should start with an effective resume, then only it will reach to the prospective employers. Learn how to write resume and your resume should include all necessary information and you should highlight all your key skills.

Purely relying on the internet: Most of the job seekers rely only on the internet, by just applying for jobs online. When thousands of job seekers apply for the same job online, it becomes very difficult for the employer to pick from thousands of resumes. Apart from applying online, candidates have to stand out by making connections and networking their way in to a company.

Sending a resume without a cover letter: Most of the candidates just create a sample resume and send it. If you apply for jobs without including a cover letter (customized to specific opportunity), then you're missing out on one of the most effective ways to grab an employers attention.

Not preparing for the interviews: If you are just applying for jobs and not preparing for the interviews, then you are probably selling yourself short. It is very important to prepare for the interviews in advance because you may get an interview call at anytime. If you don't prepare in advance, you are likely to lose the opportunity even if it is perfect for you.

Setting high expectations: Most of the graduates often try to look for a perfect job, rather than looking for a first job. Its good to have expectations, but sitting idle without putting any efforts and just waiting for a perfect job might put your career at risk.

Not doing follow up: It is not enough to apply for jobs and just wait the interviews calls to come. You may not be the only person who has applied for a particular position because companies will get thousands of resumes. Therefore it is very important to do a regular follow up so that the employer feels that you are really interested in that job.

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