Top 8 Recruitment trends in 2018

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Top 8 Recruitment trends in 2018

1.Recruitment remodeled to ‘Find & Engage’

The dynamics of the digital world, data science and AI have remodeled the recruitment in 2018.Recruitment remodeled to find and engage approach with the help of digital technology and data sciences to shortlist the perfect fit from the most suitable and passive job seekers.

Top 8 Recruitment trends in 2018

2.AI candidate screening

Automated and machine learningalgorithms are applied to screen CVs and provide the information to the candidates. While, AI challenge most organizations are adaptingtraining ontology to process the semi-structured data of CVs and job descriptions into a consistent format.

3.Virtual reality (VR) to enhance a jobseeker’s profile

Some companies are providing Virtual reality tours to their job candidates to know about their company culture to showcase their skills and other technical competencies.

4.Augmented reality (AR)

Most organizations are experimenting with candidates via interactive sessions. AR could allow the candidates to observe the workplace, take part in a mock client meeting and sit with an employee of the company.

5.Jobseekers enhance their personal brand using video

Jobseekers are expected to upload video content on their LinkedIn profile to enhance their personalbrand. It might be an opportunity for recruiters and hiring managers to have a deeper insight in to their potential cultural fit.

6.Up skilling a key benefit

To grab the changing trends of the job market one must be up skilled as per the changing current trends, knowledge and skills. This will be a key benefit for employers whiledifferentiating you from others.

7.Low-skilled in less demand, highly-skilled in greater demand

As technology grows in the work place low skilled jobs become less common and highly skilled jobs in greater demand.

8.Automation to fuel temp jobs

Automation and technology advances will eliminate few jobs and also create some new jobs. It will create more contract jobs and highly skilled temporary jobs, which demands people with particular job skills and expertise.

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