Top 5 Professional Skills to move forward in Your Career

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Top 5 Professional Skills to move forward in Your Career

In the current job market it has become important for employees to keep improving professional skills. Here are some important professional skills to get ahead in your career.

Top 5 Professional Skills to move forward in Your Career


Professionalism is not about dressing properly and having a college degree. It is about how you deal with your day to day activities at work place with different characteristics.

● Appearance

● Ethical Behavior or Work Ethics

● Organizational Skills

● Time Management

● Reliability

● Accountability

● Competencies

Communication & Public Speaking

The most important communication skills are effective communication skills and strong public speaking skills. While verbal communication includes staying clear and concise and nonverbal communication includes listening attentively to others, positive facial expressions & hand gestures while speaking, greeting people with a smile, etc.

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Professionals are required to work with different teams and different departments. To work cordially and to avoid differences one must have progress of work, negotiation & conflict managementskills. A professional with strong negotiation & conflict management skills will drive the conflict in a right direction.


To be able to work with all team members, you need to possess strong interpersonal skills to work in teams and people from different departments.


Communication is the most important skill for great leadership, but very few leaders possess a number of characteristics that set them apart from average leaders. Great leaders are also regarded as great strategic thinkers, meticulous planners, strong people managers, effective change managers, and excellent motivational forces for their people.

How to add professional skills in your resume?

Before adding these professional skills in your resume, figure out what professional skills you actually possess. Read the job description carefully and find out the 3-4 professional skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Once you identify your professional skills then add these in ‘Skills’ section or ‘Strengths’ section of your CV. You can also discuss about these skills in cover letter for your job application.

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