Top 5 insecurities that make you stay at the job you hate

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Find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. If you haven't yet found keep searching for that. Not all the people do, only few people remains at the same job due to some insecurity. These insecurities make them to stay at same job as it becomes impossible to their 100% best. If you question why should you quit your job? A number of questions will come in to your mind but after a moment later there will be another set of thoughts that will make you stay at this job. These insecurities make employees to stay at job because of insecurities or excuses and health issues.


Here is some insecurity most people use as an excuse to stay at a job:

Money: Money is the main reason people stick to their jobs irrespective of their happiness. They assume that changing a job does not guarantee the same amount of salary package, so, staying where they are is the only option they have. You can also start working on your favorite path to overcome these

Job security: Switching to a job that you are happy and comfortable will give you more job satisfaction and it increases productivity also. When it is the time to cut then high performers only face the Working on your favorite job skill may always increase your job satisfaction levels.

Doubt: If you have worked for the same organization then taking the risk of moving to a new job is not suggestible. Its not advisable to move out of your comfort zone even though the satisfaction levels are high. You can look for following consideration if you want to looking for a new job Cultural Considerations Work Style and Job Content Advancement Potential

Uncertain about the new job: The idea of looking for a current job will make you insecure and stay at the same job for many years. If you are confident then there will be many ways to find a suitable job matching your current job profile.

Don't know what to Do: In case if you are uncertain about your future then stay where you are to get some exposure in your current job. If you are not sure of what to do in your current job then change your job immediately.

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