Top 30 customer care Interview questions

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Top 30 customer care Interview questions

Here are most commonly asked customer care interview questions to be prepared for the interviews.

1. Briefly explain what you mean by customer service and customer support.

2. How would you define good customer service?

3. How important is good customer service for a brand or company?

4. Name a business which you think has mastered the delivery of good customer support/service.

Top 30 customer care Interview questions

5. Define the terms CSAT and NPS.

6. What is customer lifetime value or LTV? How can a skilled customer service representative (CSR) ensure higher LTVs?

7. What is customer churn rate? How is customer service related to it?

8. Do you think an organisation should prioritise the production and sales of its products/services over maintaining a good customer service department?

9. “The customer is always right” – do you believe in this adage?

10. What is the best way to deal with an angry or abusive customer?

11. Suppose you do not know the answer or solution to a customer’s queries. How would you handle that situation?

12. What is ticket routing?

13. How is a contact center different from a call center?

14. What is the first call/contact resolution? How important is it in your opinion?

15. What are the differences between first reply time, talk time, and average handle time?

16. Are shorter talk times equal to good customer service?

17. Since time is important for a CSR, how do you make decisions about the information you give to a customer?

18. How sensitive are you to language or accent differences while dealing with customers on chat or call?

19. Suppose you are aware of a certain malfunction in the company’s products. How do you deal with complaints about that?

20. How important is the presence of customer support on social media for a company?

21. With companies seeking to reduce costs and adopt new technology, automated responses, and customer self-service portals are gaining popularity. What is your opinion on that?

22. What is meant by a CRM tool or software? Are you familiar with any?

23. How valuable is a well-kept database or record of customer information and feedback?

24. Give us an example of a time you received good customer service. What can you learn from that instance as a CSR?

25. Why do you want to work for this company?

26. What are the qualities that would make you an asset to our customer service team?

27. How do you usually respond to negative feedback or criticism, be it from customers or teammates?

28. Are you a good team player? How would you deal with a colleague who is behaving unethically to secure customer satisfaction or gain personal profit?

Customer service HR interview questions and answers

Here are some questions that you can expect in your customer service HR interviewround.

29. Would you ever put the customer’s needs over company policies? What is your take on the ethics of rule-breaking if/when it comes to solving a customer’s problems?

30. What do you like about being a CSR?

31. What do you dislike about working in customer service?

32. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

33. Do you have any questions for me?

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