Top 23 questions you should not supposed to ask at the end of a job interview

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Interview is a two way process. When an interviewer asks do you have any questions for me then take the advantage of this opportunity and prove that you are fit for the job. Do homework to ask some questions at the end of a job interview, because these questions should reflect your knowledge of the company, work ethic, level of professionalism, and interest in the role. If you have any other issues and concerns during negotiations after the job offer has been made. Make sure that these questions will help you to present as an ideal candidate.

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Details about Bonus: The worst question of all is the one you never ask:

Did I get the job ?

How did I do?

When are you due?

What are grounds for termination?

I heard this rumor about the CEO. Is it true?

Can I make personal calls during the day?

Will I have my own office?

Do you do background checks?

Do you monitor emails or internet usage?

What's the employee discount like?

Do you check social-media accounts?

Will I have to work long hours?

Are you married?Do you have kids?etc.

Can I arrive early or leave late as long as I get my work done?

When will I be eligible for a raise?

What are benefits like?

What happens if I don't get along with my boss or coworkers?

How quickly could I be considered for a promotion?

Will I have an expense account?

How soon can I take a vacation?

What are the hours?

What will my salary be?

What does your company do?

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