Top 10 jobs in Artificial Intelligence

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Top 10 jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Here are 10 jobs available for the people with less than 5 years of work experience.

Analytics and AI Specialist -

This role is designed to improve the operations of the company. They use AI for various reasons such as security purposes and solve complicated problems.

Data Scientist -

A Data scientist job role is designed to create machine learning-based tools or processes like recommendation engines or automated lead scoring systems.

Top 10 jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Specialist

This role is designed to perform specific tasks to operate various tasks.

Hardware Chip Designer/ Verification Engineer

A verification engineer performs testing processes to know if the product reaches the predetermined standards before the delivery.

Digital Change Specialist -

A change management specialist works to optimise an organisation's human capital resources and help employees in accepting the organisational change.

Big Data Developer

This role is similar to that of a Software Developer. Role involves Hadoop applications in the Big Data domain and high‐performance web services for data tracking.

Client Partner-

A Client Partner job role involves client consultations to develop business proposals, make product presentations for clients and build positive relationships with clients.

Senior Analyst- Optimisation -

An optimization analyst helps in optimising the web performance for a customer and understanding client goals, conducting A/B testing, displaying analytics for customers and suggesting changes.

Gameplay Programmer -

This job role involves complex gameplay systems, such as player's actions, character's behaviour, game elements and game progression.

Digital Business Automation Executive -

A Digital Business Automation Executive job role is to design and develop assets/solutions/accelerators on the DBA platform.

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