Tips to get the Right Job alerts

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Wisdom jobs job alerts are customized to your profile submitted to us. We send matching jobs based on the details provided on your resume such as the Functional Area/Department, Role and Industry. Each detail will be used to find a job suitable to our salary, experience and preferred location.


Below points are important to remember while job search:

We send only few matching your CV: Only matching jobs posted in last 2 to 3 days will be sent to your email inbox. At the bottom of the email you will find a link of recommended jobs which display all matching jobs with your profile.

If you select your functional area : If you select your functional area and role as other then it will be difficult to find out the exact jobs. Please select any one functional area to receive the job alerts for the role you have selected. Our job alerts are sending on the basis of the details mentioned in your CV like the Key Skills, Designation or Resume header.

Only one profile is used for job alerts: If you have uploaded multiple profiles then only one profile which is uploaded at last will be considered to send job alerts. If you are promoted or got a salary hike then you need to update all those details in your profile to receive exact matching job alerts.

How to avoid irrelevant job alerts to your email inbox:Update your profile regularly to be visible to recruiters. Add your current skills to your key skills field to not miss the matching job opportunities. Remove irrelevant skills on which you are not looking for jobs .Mention your preferred location to get right job opportunities. Add brief description about your designation Remove any description of your profile that creates confusion.

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