Tips to follow when you work from home

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Work from home is the hot issues going on these days. Many people have raised different opinions about work from home and recently Yahoo was in news by banning work for home completely. But work from home is a good option and it will increase output if you follow some tips.

Below things are not practiced if you prefer to work from home:

Lack of face time:Plan to spend time with your team. To be success art work place is not only about giving good output but it also depends on face to face contacts with your team. Inadequate face to face interactions hinders bonding with colleagues and supervisors reduce your opportunities for career advancement.


Missed deadlines: Try to finish your work on time and don't, miss the deadlines and you may miss out deadlines because the work content is more and distractions at home may eat your deadlines. Team MAY Believe that you are lacking efforts and dragging out of office cubicle.

Absence at events: Never absent for team meetings and cultural events happened at office. Be always present and participate with same enthusiasm. Absence is always sticked and entered inn people memories and creates an image that you are also investing time and energy in all important activities of an organization.

Communication failure:Do some important discussions at office instead of emails, phones and chats.Good communication is most important of the people who work for home than normally works from office. To overcome this disadvantage of distance be communicate regularly with emails, chat, telephone and other communication tools. So that you will reduce the chances of missing nay important communication.

Infrastructure collapse:You employer may not agree or accept that you are unable to work from home or communicate due to the lack of infrastructure facility. Have a good plan before starting your work and keep ready everything like power failures, good internet connection and other related things. A backup laptop, cell phone and unbreakable internet will be the solutions to these issues.

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