Tips to fit in to a new job professionally?

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Starting a new job is a scary and stressful experience because everybody likes to fit in and be liked by everyone in office. Adjusting in a new job and that too professionally can be a bit challenging, whether you took up the new job by choice or out of necessity. It becomes hard to meet new group of people who doesn't know anything about you and your work ethics. Therefore one has to build comfortable relationship with their colleagues to make work go smoothly.


Here are some tips for employees who newly join in an organization:

Imagine a good day:Go with positive thoughts that your first day of office will be great and pleasant. Go with a pleasant mind so that your colleagues will feel comfortable in working with you.

Get to know people:Do not hesitate in meeting people around you. First meet colleagues of your department and later in other departments. Try to listen more than you talk, ask questions wherever necessary and clarify all your doubts before you get into your work. This will help you to understand the organization culture. And also don?t try to change everything at a stretch and be open to learn their way rather than suggesting your way.

Learn the work culture:Each and every company follows different work culture. Therefore try to know about the work culture from people who have been in the organization for long time. Also, research about the company and know what are the rules and regulations to follow. Following the rules and regulations will help you maintaining professionalism at the work place.

Know the expectations:Remember that you are hired because your boss has seen some potential in you. Therefore know what is actually expected from you and make sure that you are living up to those expectations.

Know who the key players are:Look for people both inside and outside your area who have roles that are critical to your teams success. Ask for their support and also offer your support to them. This helps you in building good work place relationship with your colleagues and with your superiors.

Recognize the critical challenges:Develop a work plan in a way to address the most critical challenges and also set time for completion of those critical tasks. Try to achieve it and this will help you create good impression among your colleagues and your boss.

Stay focused:Think positive ,be friendly and professional and at the same time stay focused. Theres nothing wrong with offering support and concern for a co-worker, but see that it is not affecting your work. Bring in your best to work.

Finish the tasks on time:At the initial stage of joining, try to finish the tasks on time and if required take the help of your colleagues in finishing the task successfully.

Care for yourself:Don't make yourself stressful. Schedule your tasks that include time off and good self care. Take up the activities to reduce stress and keep your mind pleasant and stress free.

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