Tips to decode your job interview

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Interview is a platform which decides a persons capability or fitting in to the requirement of a job. Generally a common job interview takes minimum 30 minutes to maximum 60 minutes time. Interviewer tests a persons capacity with different interview questions and answers in the given time period.

decode your job interview

Obviously every organisation desire to select the best suitable candidate for the job. Even successful organisations follow the same principle to hiring the best candidates for the job. Selecting the right candidate for the job is a tough task for any HR and at the same time decoding theinterview also an important for a job seeker to understand the results of aninterview.Interview preparationplay key role and it helps you in getting a job.Below tips may useful to decode your job interview in an effective way.

If the interview time is less than 15 minutes:If an interviewer takes less than 15 minutes time for the interview,it is a sign that you have not done well in the interview. Generally an interviewer allocates time for each interview that takes normally 30-60 minutes. If the interview takes average time in between the mentioned time, it is considered as ok and it is a good indicator that interview has done well.

If the interviewer asks for references:This is also a good sign, if an interviewer asks for references, it indicates that you will get selected for the job and asking for references to check with them with the intention of offering job.

If you are asked to meet the team members:Some interviewers introduces the office premises and team members with the intention of offering the job to the prospective candidate. This is also a kind of positive sign to offer the job.

If the interviewer asks about your notice period:If the interviewer feels that you are suitable for the offered position, he will ask the notice period of the existing employer, to know when you can start the work if get selected.

If the employer asks about your salary expectations:If the interviewer asks about the expected salary ,then it is a considerable thing that they are seriously want to know what you are expecting as salary.

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