Tips for the people who work for LONG HOURS on Computer

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Now a day almost everyone has a hectic schedule and they have to sit before a computer for long hours. A software professional or people who work on computers require to sit for more than 9 hours before a desktop/ laptop. Most of the employees do hard work and feel restless by losing lot of energy because of the stressful work hours and a long commute between home and office. Some sit before their computer without even moving for an hour. As a result of this they get health problems and they have to visit the doctor more frequently. Long hour sitting may increase the risk of getting obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Poor sitting posture may cause back pain, spine damage by preventing circulation and causing fluid loss.


Long hours of typing on the keyboard will cause stress in wrist leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Staring at the computer for long hours can cause eye dryness, burning and pain in eyes. When eye muscles remain contracted for longer duration, it will cause exhaustion and weakness. These are all the effects caused due to long hours of sitting before a computer.

Now how to manage stress is the question and here are some tips for how to reduce stress for the people who work long hours:

  • Try to take a 5 minutes break for every one hour to stretch, stand and walk around. This will help your muscles to relax for sometime after sitting for long duration
  • Take your lunch away from your workplace. Do not immediately go to work after having lunch, take some time and try to walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes
  • If your office is in 2nd or 3rd floor, choose going by stairs instead of going by lift. This will make your leg muscles free
  • If you are working for long hours, try to do some stretching exercises in the early morning when you wake up
  • When you have excess work, plan accordingly and schedule your work so that you dont feel stressed out
  • Sit in a correct posture so that it provides support to your upper and lower back and do not lean on chair all the time
  • Maintain certain distance between your eyes and the computer so that it will not affect your eyes too much
  • Eat food that is healthy for your body and also drink adequate amount of water. Try to make good friends at the work place and hang out with them for having snacks or tea. This will decrease your stress levels
  • Try to follow these simple tips in your daily life so that your body gets basic activity daily to stay fit and healthy.

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