Tips for MBA graduates to get placed in top companies

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Most of them think that graduates who do MBA in business schools will only have chance to get placed in top companies, this is not correct and all of the MBA graduates have lot of opportunities. Only thing they need to do is brush up their skills and do rigorous search for jobs. This will definitely give you a break that you are seeking. Apart from the knowledge acquired.


Here are some interview tips on how to face interview for you that complement your efforts:

  • Study:Doing enough research about thecompany is also a part of your interview preparation. Try to gather as much information as possible about the company, its products, its clients, its promoters, top management and also recent news about the company. By doing this you will create an impression that you are really interested in that company job.
  • Practice:Practice is the key to get success, so do practice interview questions before going for the interview. Gather some frequently asked questions and practice answers for those interview questions. Ask your friends or family members to give constructive feedback and work on the areas in which you have to improve. Apart from preparing answers for the interview questions, you also have to prepare interview to answer any question.
  • Be punctual:Remember that your first impression is the best and last impression, try to be punctual and prepare yourself to be at the venue before half-an-hour. Going late for the interview can be a sign of being careless and reckless, so be punctual.
  • Wear formals:Attire you wear is also important, so wear formals while going for an interview. Wearing formal clothes will not only boost your confidence but will also impress the interviewer.
  • Stay calm, confident and enthusiastic:Don't be afraid or do not get over excited about the interview. Take a deep breath, listen carefully and focus on the interview questions. Think before you speak and see that you maintain a positive tone and smile on your face while answering the questions. Your body language is also important, so walking straight, holding your head high and giving a firm handshake all add to a positive start to the interview. Maintain proper eye contact and show your level of interest in the interview.
  • Be honest:Remember that honesty always pays. When you don't have an answer for a question asked by the interviewer, admit it than pretending otherwise. Employers may not want you to answer all the questions but they surely want you to be honest.
  • Be inquisitive:At the end of the interview, interviewer asks do you have any questions?, at this point of time don't say that you don't have questions. Interviewer wants to know your interest in the job, company or the department you would be working, so be prepared to ask some intelligent questions that will reflect your interest in the job.

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