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-Happiness: The utmost pleasure of life-

-Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony-- Mahatma Gandhi

What is happyiness?

1. What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state being happy with a pleasant and peaceful mind. Happiness plays a very important role in increasing life span of a human being. Happiness is not the pleasure of whatsoever crazy wishes you may blindly effort to enjoy. Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy - a joy without penalty or guilt. Happiness is achievable only for rational people who desire about rational goals with rational values, and discover their joy in rational actions. Happiness should come from inside which means happiness must be heart based but rather being body based. Most of them try to be happy from outside which does not make any sense. Happiness is the one sole thing that everyone wishes to have.

2. What does happiness truly mean?

One may be successful and have lot of money but without happiness everything will be meaningless. In these days of busy life, people are looking for earning money and they are forgetting to spend some time for themselves, to be happy. Mental peace is the only thing that can give sole happiness and nothing else. There are many ways to be happy in life, but most of the human beings think that they do not deserve happiness and they accept the unhappy situation of their fate. Fact is that happiness like everything else in life must be nurtured.

Happiness is hard to define for people who think that happiness comes only through luck and nothing can make them happy if they are not lucky. Doing small things and following some tips in daily life can make them happy, irrespective of their so called destiny. Many of them try to get happiness through bad practices as it is very easy and simple. It is to be remembered that happiness which is gained by doing good things will remain for longer time where as the happiness gained through bad practices will vanish soon. Nobody in this world is born without a problem. Each and every person has problems and it may look big for them when compared with others. Every one of us has what we need to be happy and fulfilled, all that we need to do is to nourish them. Here are some of the tips to follow:

3. How to be happy in personal life?

Tips to be happy in personal life:

Always try to be optimistic: Being optimistic means being positive towards life and thinking positively of whatever we do. Everyone has a baseline level of happiness, for some it may be high and for some it may be low. What so ever may happen, either good or bad, will have an effect on our happiness only for a certain period of time. It's been proved that always thinking positively will definitely lead to a positive result. It does not mean that you will always get success by thinking positively, but having a positive attitude will always help you in getting self-motivated and being happy. This will help in both the personal and professional life.

Spend some time with your family: Life has become so mechanical that most of them, in today's busy life, are not getting time to spend with their family. People try to work as much as they can, to make their families financially stable. But True happiness lies in spending good time with family members and making them happy.

Spend some time for yourself: Know what will make you happy and try to follow it, to be happy. Each and everyone will have their own requirements and they may differ from person to person. Don't compare yourself with others and don't try to be like them. This may hurt your emotions while trying to be like others who are in a high position. It doesn't mean that you should not aim high, but be positive and strong when you lose. Plan for achieving goals which you believe that you can definitely achieve and which will make you happy.

4. How to be happy at work?

Tips to be happy at work:

-If you are wishing for greener work pastures, do not instantly look for the first exit ramp off from your preferred career path. Try to be patient and be comfortable at your work place. Here are some tips for staying happy at work:

Do not mix up your personal problems with work: When you have any troubling personal issues, it will be difficult to focus or be content at work. Make sure that it will not affect your work and also keep in mind that nobody's personal life is ever going to be entirely problem-free. All that you need to do is, let go of work to enjoy your time at home.

Organize your work: Prepare a convenient schedule to handle your workload. A sense of empowerment stems from accomplishment. This means that when you feel overwhelmed, it tends to intensify dissatisfaction. By being proactive and taking control, employees can feel a sense of satisfaction, enhanced confidence and motivation.

Relax for few minutes: Working in office has become a very sedentary job, so it is very important for your overall sense of physical condition and happiness to take a few minutes during work to get up and move a little. Working more than the regular 9 hours will cause health problems and will disturb your life

Decorate your cabin according to your taste: We are supposed to work for at least 8 hours a day or more, which is probably more than the sleeping time at home. So, it is important to have a pleasant atmosphere at work. Decorate your cabin according to your taste if your company policy permits. This will lessen the pressure of work you have and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable

Develop an office support system: Making friendship with your colleagues who share parallel background or lifestyle will give you lot of pleasure at work. Sharing your feelings with them will help you in minimizing your stress levels.

Consume healthy food and drink lot of water: Maintaining a proper diet and drinking lot of water at the time of work will definitely make a big difference in your energy level and attitude. This is very essential for everyone as nobody is taking care of their health in today's busy schedule of work. This will also help you to keep diseases away from your body

Don't try to change your coworkers: Remember that you cannot change anyone but you can only change the way you react to others. Don't ever let other person?s actions affect you and your work. Try to find a way to resolve conflicts and avoid uncomfortable situations

Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself: Try to have some pleasure outside of your job whether it may be going out for a dinner with your friends, watching a movie, doing exercise or doing yoga. This will be very helpful because stress from home can hinder your work and the positive aspects of your life will make your mood pleasant at work as well

Do yoga or meditation: By practicing the breath of joy in yoga like inhaling a long breath and then exhaling laughter, for 10 times a day, can really help in having a peaceful mind. It is proved that doing yoga is very good for health and this can also improve your life span.

Always try to be Positive: Spot out the things which will delight you at work. It can be anything like talking to your colleagues or a seeing nice view from your office window. You create your own mind-set. Stress more on positives that you have, as this will make your job more enjoyable. Worrying about the negatives that you have, may cause you to become overwhelmed and it will affect your work.

5. What can make you happy?

Happiness is an emotion generated in a condition where for an instant mind cases to be. This state can be created at will, without being reliant on outside event of realization of any belief. Happiness doesn't lie in the object outside but comes from a co-relating source within. It is you who can only decide how to feel or react for a situation. To knock that source within must be the main principal of one's life. Happiness that is generated by peaceful heart will stay for longer time and also offers fresh ways to be happy. "Happiness is a feeling which is generated when some expectation is fulfilled. And you can for all time decide to change that expectation.

Smile a lot, as smile make you miles better. This means that smiling always will make you feel better and will also improve your heart functioning which will in turn improve your life span. You can also make others smile with your smile. The gift of life will then be yours to give. Do things that satisfy your soul but not mind. Try to be honest always as this will give you peace of mind. Don't try to deceive others for money or anything else. This may give you happiness for a while but remember that this may lead to life full of sadness.

What can make you happy?

You will experience peace of mind when you express kindheartedness, admiration and love for someone. Expecting something from someone and taking revenge on someone, will only fetch you stress and a racing heart. We are gifted children of God and we should always make our life happy and enjoyable. Don?t even miss a single moment of being happy. Spend some time out to relax and unwind. Try to play sports or games which you are passionate about and make it as a hobby. Listen soothing music when you have a stressful mind and when you feel embarrassed. The mark of a successful man or women is one that has spent on entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.

All the tips mentioned above will definitely make one's life happy and prosperous. Try to follow them, at least few not if all of them and see the change.

-You will definitely succeed in trying to be happy.

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