Tips for effective resume writing

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Make an attractive design that catches employer's eye. The employers may not have the time to read through each of your job descriptions to conclude if you have the skills that are required for the recruitment jobs. So effectively brand yourself by highlighting the most important information like your work experience, skills and education.


Titles and Headings: Believe it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in just 5 seconds. Always use job titles and headings that perfectly match the job you are applying for. Descriptive titles and headings when used appropriately grab employers attention and will generate you more interviews and higher salary offers.

Font: In order to make your resume aesthetically easy-to-read: 1. Font size should be between 10 and 12. 2. Font type should be Times New Roman, Arial or New Century Schoolbook. 3. Use one larger font size for main headings and a smaller font size for subheadings and a completely different font for the body of your text. 4. Keep sentences as short, simple and direct as possible. 5. Font size should be consistent throughout the resume. 6. Margins should be at least .5 on the top and bottom and .7 on the left and right.

Paragraph: The most important information should be kept on the first line of a paragraph. Confine your writing to not more than six lines in any paragraph. Start a new section or a new paragraph if more content is to be added.

Grammar: Your resume needs to be grammatically perfect. Otherwise the employers will draw not-so-flattering conclusions about you. Also make sure there are no spelling mistakes on the resume.

Numbering: Quantifying your achievements and responsibilities by using numbers greatly elevates your image. To strengthen this image, insert as many management oriented words as possible into your resume.

Length: The length of an entry-level graduates resume should be limited to one page. If it is extended to the next page then it should fill at least 1/3 of the second page. A two-page resume does not need to be stapled unless you are attending a job fair, but your contact information should be included at the top of the second page.

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