Tips for Effective Communication at Office

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Communication plays a very important role and is very important to build good work place relationships with colleagues and with the boss. This will also help to work effectively with others in the work place. Therefore employees should practice these oral and written communication skills so as to facilitate good communication at the work place. One has to improve communication skills effectively to first understand the importance of communication and also various verbal and non-verbal methods of communication.


Here are some tips for good communication at the work place:

  • Acknowledge colleagues who communicate with you both verbally and non-verbally with effective speaking skills It is good to rephrase and repeat what is said to you. This will not only help you in understanding what the second person said but most importantly what they meant.
  • Try to communicate your ideas by giving some examples. This will help you to communicate more conveniently. Use good diction while communicating because if you are not speaking clearly and distinctively, then the other may not understand what exactly you want to communicate.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and also try to communicate with a positive attitude. With this your colleagues will be more interested in listening to you.
  • Be an active listener as listening is very important in building good relationship. Let the other person finish the conversation, try to recollect what they said and give your answer. Listening actively will also help you to respond actively and properly.
  • If the other person finds it difficult to express themselves, then its better that you help them by interpreting what you mean. This will help them to understand and communicate better.
  • Sharing your ideas is a personal effort that you have to put and will help you to relate with others. Try to build a bond of trust between you and the person who is conversing with you. This will make the other person more comfortable and they will be more likely to exchange ideas.
  • Try to connect with people of common interests as this will build a way to a good conversation. Ask your colleagues to give a feedback on the way you communicate. This will help you to assess your communication and then you can take necessary steps to improve your communication.
  • Try to engage in difficult conversations whenever necessary. Not saying something doesn't make a situation go away. Instead, things usually just get worse. Not communicating can also cause more strain and disturbance in a situation. Therefore instead of avoiding try to plan and think of what you want to say. Maintain a positive tone while speaking because conversations aren't always fun but getting the words out will relieve the tension and let the matter move forward.
  • Try to follow these tips as these will make you in a good beginning to make yourself a good work place communicator.

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