This is how to answer the job interview question: Why are you leaving your current job?

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Most of the job searchers face the questions like what's the purpose of leaving your job from the interviewers or recruiters. It's better to be prepared for such questions with appropriate answers. Most of the interviewers look for answers where you can prove that you are a person of honesty and truthfulness.

This is how to answer the job interview question Why are you leaving your current job

Why Employers Put Up this Question?

  • To surmount inquisitiveness about why an employed person is leaving the present role
  • To ensure that you are selecting up this role for the right reasons
  • To be sure about your constancy and capability
  • To decide your genuineness about the job change The best way to deal with interview questions like this is to be prepared. Here is how you can get ready to answer effectively.

Spotlight on outcome: Organize a list of your accomplishments of your previous position and focus on them. Frame your answers using phrases well in a convincing manner which can help you out in delivering appropriate answers to the interviewer. This enables the employer to recognize that you have the ability to produce results and you are not going to hoop around. Do not answer in a way that expresses that you were disappointed economically or work wise. This gives the employer a hint that you would leave as soon as ennui strikes you or whenever you would be offered a better package.

Stay respectful: Not only for this interview but for every interview that you face, you need to stay polite. Be honest yet careful with the answer you give. Graciously explain your errands and bond the interviewers with the job position you have applied for.

Don't disrespect Your Current Employer: Your reason can be a bad boss, lack of opportunities, inefficient management or anything else. You do not have to be up front about it. Avoid going down the slippery edge of discussing particulars regarding poor management, compensation, company finances, or any other negative aspect of the job. You need to gloss over the information that you are sharing.

Sound optimistic: Stay positive in your response. Take the occasion and share what you have researched and learned about the new company. Instead of uttering why you want to leave, focus more on why you want to be a part of the organization you are being interviewed for? Ensure you brand in the companys culture and sell yourself as a perfect match.

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