This is how recruiters turnoff job candidates before an interview

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My biggest red flag when I interview a potential hire is when a candidate uses a ton of buzz words without any substance behind them. If a candidate use these buzz words without relating to each other then makes losing impression. Talking negatively or complaining about former employers will create an impression that the candidate is lack of maturity and the candidate could just as easily say the same things about their new employer. Recruiters suggest that never make yourself the victim or blame your former employer. Hiring managers get frustrated when they hear a candidate smoking on the other end of the phone and their answers are delayed. Recruiters turn off a profile when frequent job hops and a resume that lacks succinct career progression.


Hiring managers frustrated when the candidate puts out demands shortly after Hello,as in, If your position will not pay me at least $89,000, I am not going to waste my time talking to you. Recruiters get turnoff when job candidates answer a phone call with What or Who's this In job search. Candidates who gives one word answers makes employees uncomfortable and no one wants an employee who needs to be led by the hand. Some hiring managers get turnoff to the candidates who show up without a pen and paper. When candidates are not specific to mention their previous experience in their profile will be difficult for the recruiter to understand what exactly candidate has accomplished as well as how the candidate would operate in a similar environment. Some hiring managers turn off the passive candidates. As per them a strong candidate should be passionate and take an active role in developing their career strategy and identifying opportunities that are a perfect fit for their skill set and career goals. It is also biggest turnoff when a candidate doesn't do proper research on a company before an interview. The candidate should know the industry, sector and general purpose of the company. It may or may not require for some work from home jobs.

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