This is how learning 'R' Programming helps for Finance Jobs

Posted on 13th Jun 2016 | 1128 views

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Data scientist is the most demanding job profile of the current job market. Hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks and quant funds are searching for the top talent with specific skills and expertise in R language. Hiring experts believe that there is a considerable shortage of candidates who combine a deep knowledge of financial markets, securities and investment strategies with a fluency in programming languages. Companies across finance domains are looking for the experts with the knowledge of both finance and programming language. Different companies are using different platforms like Bank of America was talking about Python as the next big thing for its trading platforms. Now this is being combined with R. To work as a data scientist it is must to have R programming language expertise.

The same equivalent program in Python can be done with four times less code than Java, and using the R language for statistical computing, you can run simulations easily, use the apply function and say in one statement what might take 10 lines of codes in another language, said an expert who works in analytics at a prestigious Midwestern university. Data analysis with combination of R programming language gives an edge to manage software engineering groups, performs live-trade economic analysis and designs statistical forecasting algorithms at the bank. Companies are looking for the professionals who can implement a systematic way of developing programs to analyze investment data and risk management systems with statistical language R. While, SAS is replaced by R and Python, as well as analytics and data science are growing in importance in financial sector. Programming language 'R' is one of the most commonly used data-analytics and machine-learning languages in the world. It was reported as the best-paid skill, a free, open-source solution, with 6,000-plus packages and creating huge job opportunities.

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