This is how India Inc. adopting flexible work arrangements for employees

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According to a recent study, Indian organizations are willing to allow flexible work arrangements to their employees.

- Jobs in the future will allow greater flexibility and autonomy. While, many Indian companies are allowing employees the freedom to freelance, choose interested project and decide compensation suitable their skills. Recent studies suggest that traditional employment will abscond in future and companies make flexible arrangements for their employees.

- Some companies are adopting the concept of gig economy which allows their employees choose suitable projects and negotiate project terms and conditions suitable to their skills. Compensation will be fixed based on the out of the project and the amount of time worked.


According to the PWC study titled

-Work-life 3.0:Understanding How We'll Work Next found that over 41% of non-independent workers are expected to become independent workers in the next year and nearly 53% employees are expected to work on their own in the next five years.

- Meanwhile, two-thirds of employees agree that future career paths will be determined by workers themselves, not by their companies. The survey further reveal that, 63% employees believe that gone the days of eight-hour workday and 68% say that remote working gaining momentum instead of in a traditional office. Moreover, 76% of workers believe that benefits and healthcare will be squarely their own responsibility, rather than their employers.

- Among them 86% employees have a strong desire to work independently. However, organizations believe that flexibility as a core strategy to retain top performers. This flexibility differs in terms of capacity, roles, options to work remotely, etc. Most millennial and senior professionals could balance their work life and personal life, ability to craft a meaningful portfolio of work while having control over their schedules. Many startups and established firms are following this strategy to retain their employees by giving employees the freedom to choose their project to build their own brand and expertise.

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