This is how e com companies blacklist executives who rejected job offer

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E-commerce companies are blacklisting the candidates who have said 'no' to employment offers during their notice period. A recent study found that, the offer dropout rates for the last three months have shot up by 30-40%. For the 12-month period, it has risen by 60-80%. A number of job offers being turned down by senior level candidates in the past three to six months. To void this many job search firms have started blacklisting executives who rejected the offers. The maximum dropouts were there in ecommerce followed by IT, many senior candidates drop offers at the last stage for better offers from other companies. Recruiting experts says candidates looking for job during notice period and they already have an offer. They try to make the best use of the notice period by getting as many offers as possible.

Some indications like candidates not picking up calls, family members answering the phone to say the candidate are not well are the warning signals.Recruiters look for the candidates from NIT, IIT and IIM graduates and candidates are making full use of it to get the best deal. It was also found that candidates who are moving away from big companies want more responsibility, accountability, bigger roles, etc. It was also fact that companies are unable to retain them because of the huge salary offered by competitors.

To avoid this, companies are willing to pay 60-70% more to hire the top talent.The expectations of people have gone up and companies are ready to offer salary hikes of 70-80% in roles like technology. Even companies are attracting top talent by offering more than what candidates demand. A recent study found that the joining rate for mid-level hires has come down to 40-50% from 75%, while among senior-level hires, 25-30% are dropping out after accepting the offer.

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