This is how digital marketing changed the way of marketing

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Digital marketing is an emerging tool in the creating the brand of any company. It plays key role in retaining the existing and influence the market overall. More consumers spend time on digital medium like mobiles, smart devices and laptops as compared to any other medium. Marketing is not about creating customer awareness, brand amplification and credibility building but has moved on to generating sales leads and boosting revenue. Marketing professionals are enabled to use integrated tools to engage and connect with their customers, target them with customized sales, measure their loyalty and sentiment and track the buyers' journey. Companies are using email marketing and social media extensively which is well targeted towards the desired consumers.

- Digital marketing experts believe that the rise in use of mobile phones has paved the way to reach customers. Mobile has become an important platform in reaching customers and it is the medium of discovery. Email marketing becomes an important component of any chase strategy that one might want to deploy. An effective chase strategy is at the core of driving any business to growth. Digital marketing professionals have been to figure out how the offline channels work and to digitize them to make sure that customer adopts the platform but once a customer utilizes a company services they target them for future through email marketing. Online shopping companies are focusing on retaining the customers because online shoppers are basically hoppers. They look for multiple sites as long as they get a good seller and a good deal.

- A strong online marketing strategy includes retaining the deal. However, many digital marketing modes are available in the market among them email marketing is the cheapest and the most convenient way to reach out to a customer. It can create brand awareness among customers with an effective email. Here in email marketing, customer acquisition is very difficult, but engagement with existing customers for new offers, notifications and feedbacks through email is very important for building and recognizing any brand. Content and relevance are two key facts in reaching target audience.

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