This is how campus placements become competitive in hiring world

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Campus hiring is the direct way of hiring fresh recruits. It has changed in many ways over the decades. These changed can be explained under pre-internet, email and digital phases. Recruiters spend more time for hiring the right candidate in pre-internet phase. Recruiters need to travel spend time on travelling and hiring process. There was more demand during the days but limited supply. Companies need to carry Overhead Projectors (OHP) for the purpose of presentations. Interview line-ups happened through landline phones, fax machines and VSAT Uplink. In an email phase, here many job search engines have been generated.

- The job search process starts by sharing resumes, database and connecting with placement officers the process got simpler but the methodology used to recruit candidates was still a herculean task. That time there was a huge gap between the interview and results announcement because of the administrative issues and more paper work. Things have changed drastically in current digital world. Supply has grown three fold but the demand is getting downturn. At present we have more than 3,000 engineering colleges, producing nearly 1.5 million engineers every year.

- There was a huge skill gap in today's graduates while only 25 per cent of these graduates are readily deployable. However certain challenges like finding a highly talented and skilled resource is difficult now. While a candidate might be good in communication skills, he continues to lack technical skills. On the other hand, those 'technical geeks' may not have good communication skills. Hence, the need for identifying the right talent for right work increases. If a job requires a candidate which does not require communication skills can be seek for those projects. Companies are evaluating the candidate's technical skills, communication skills and understanding of various technologies, companies need to look at investing more in competitions and hackathons.

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